The Adventures of MoZelda

The Legend of Zelda theme I’ve been post-poning for a while now has just been added to the Sandbox at AMO.  It’s called MoZelda. Of course there are still things to do. Hope it brings enjoyment to some as they browse the web. Thank you, everyone, for being patient. Please consider donating if you like my themes, or would like to see more game-related themes in the future. It helps.

Get MoZelda here:

WiiFox: Update for 3.5!

Wiifox has been updated for Firefox 3.5!

It’s in the Sandbox, but you can find it easily here:

MushroomKingdom: Update for 3.5!

Many will be happy to know that an update of MushroomKingdom for Firefox 3.5 is currently available @ AMO in the sandbox!

I appreciate all of the emails I’ve gotten regarding this theme. I had no idea there were so many MK users out there! I’m sorry for the delay in getting an update released. My main job takes up most of my time and leaves little room for anything else. A theme takes a lot of work.

With that being said, please consider donating if you appreciate this (or any) of my themes. It definitely makes a difference. Thanks again everyone, for your comments and patience!


Go here:

Scroll down until “older Versions” -click- and you will see the new beta-release of the theme, that works with FF 3.5.

LoZ theme: Need your help!

I just wanted to let everyone know where I am with the Legend of Zelda theme. I’m at sort of stand-still, or creative block. I’m having trouble deciding on the right background (compare to the landscape background in Mushroom Kingdom). I’ve tried a few different things, but to be honest, I’m almost ready to just slap the zelda-ish toolbar buttons I’ve created into the default FF theme, with no color changes.
There seems to be quite a few people waiting on this theme, so let me ask you guys. What kind of ideas do you have for a background? Simple/solid colors? a detailed landscape? slap the buttons onto the default theme and be done with it? Of course, there are pros and cons to each of these options. For example, a detailed background could make the theme look nice as a whole, but some are distracted by this when searching for the right button to click.
Anyways, if you have ideas and feel you’d like to affect the outcome of this theme, I’m listening. Thanks everyone!


icon1This theme is based on the highly popular gaming system: The Nintendo Wii. I’ve seen this requested on many sites, forums, etc…so here’s one for all the fans out there.
WiiFox features the light tones and beautiful blues present in the actual gaming system’s design. The buttons are simplistic for functionality and compliment the theme’s overall design very well.
So, spread the word, a theme based on Nintendo Wii is finally here! Enjoy WiiFox!


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Legend of Zelda Firefox theme in progress

The next theme I plan to develop will be based on The Legend of Zelda.

This is another theme that I’ve seen requested alot and I decided to give it a go. It will be similar to my MushroomKingdom theme, featuring colorful icons that will be my own representations of characters, items, etc from the game series.I’ve already finished most of the toolbar icons, so this theme is underway!

Keep checking back!

New Wii Firefox theme in progress…

“WiiFox”, a new theme that I’m working on, will be available soon! I’m working hard on it and it’s presently about 75% complete. This should be nice for the Nintendo lovers out there, after the release of my theme “MushroomKingdom.” I’ll post screenshots soon, so keep checking back!

Luminight 1.1

Luminight icon

The goal of LumiNight is to be modern & dark, with icons that can be understood easily at a glance. I went into it trying to avoid gloss-overkill and shiny orbs. This theme tries to be as straight-forward as possible, while appealing to those that like a darker theme. Presently, this theme is available for Windows only.



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Mushroom Kingdom 1.1

Mushroom KingdomMushroomKingdom is a theme for all of the Super Mario Bros. fans out there. It features a landscape-style background, colorful icons with personality, and pipe scrollbars. Large icons are 32px and small are 24px.

I decided to create this when I ran across the older Mario Bros. 3 theme. The main difference between that theme and this one, is that I created all of the graphics used throughout. No use of actual game sprites or graphics. Presently, this theme is available for Windows only.



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Xmas 1.1 (Firefox)

icon3 Celebrate the holiday season with this fun & festive Christmas theme!”Xmas” is a theme made up of original icons drawn by me, a snowy background, and Christmas-colors throughout. There are plenty of planned improvements/additions that I have in mind for this theme, but I figured I’d better release it at this stage before the holiday has come and gone. Merry Christmas!!!  Presently, this theme is available for Windows only.